Eddie Butler (28, NC), a new foreign pitcher of NC, is cruising by catching all the processes and results. It is up to the season's expectations of '

Butler pitched in a game of Kiwoom and practice at Kino Veteran Memorial Park in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday (Korea time), and pitched two hits, one walk and two strikeouts for three innings. This is a five-inning, no-goal march against the Korean team, combined with two innings of a practice game against KT.

It was a Butler against Keum Chung-yeh, but it was never pushed back. He struck out Seo Gun-chang and Park Byung-ho in the first inning, signaling a good start. In the second inning, Lim Byung-wook was hit by a ball net and Kim Ha-sung was hit by a left-handed. However, he cooked Huh with a shortstop grounder and Jang with a mortuary tablet and didn't lose. Butler handled all three batters in the third inning with a bumblebee and finished the game cheerfully.

The maximum speed was 150 kilometers. It is a little higher than the previous KT game's maximum speed of 1,48 kilometers. Mix the spirit, cut fastball, etc. It is noteworthy that he overcame the crisis by inducing a ground ball twice in the second inning. This means that Butler's modified fastball worked. A variety of verbal skills are also a strong advantage.

Butler gave a relatively satisfactory assessment of the present condition after the game. Butler said, "In general, I'm satisfied. "We had a lot of outings and even when we were out as runners, we induced double play," he said. "We also got good play in the outfield." He thanked the defense for supporting the defense.

"I felt good going out to the stadium and in good physical condition, I think I did a good pitching. "The ball came out, but the results came out well," Butler added. "We need to get closer to the catcher and keep in touch. In situations such as catcher, one must think the same way so that the game can be solved easily. "We need to be able to get the ball straightened up and throw a sharp ball in the season," he said.

Although he did well, Butler is modest. 토토사이트제작 "It is a challenge and it is not easy to deal with Korean batters," he stresses. "Even good pitches are often cut with fouls, and they don't cheat on bad balls," Butler said. "It's not the same style that catches a lot of strikeouts." "It seems that challenges will continue continuously even in the middle of the season," he said.

Butler also nodded to director, chosen with an ace Lee Dong-wook nc. "The score graph is going up. "I'm getting better as the weather gets warmer," he said. "I order things that need to be supplemented, but I'm seeing things getting better and better." "I know it myself," he smiled.

Butler has a relatively splendid career with 12 wins and 22 losses and an ERA of 5.80 in 79 games (from 39 games) in 2014 when he made his Major League debut in Colorado. Last year, he played for the Chicago Cubs and Texas bullpen alone in 30 games, but since he is basically a starter, he is confident that he will not have any problems adapting. It is Butler who is proving that NC's choice is not wrong.

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