The evaluation of the selection of wireline broadcasting service operators in the pro baseball league, which ended with the victory of the telecommunication and portal alliance on the 25th, is of great significance in two aspects.

The Telecommunications and Portal Alliance, which became the preferred negotiator for the KBO league's broadcasting rights business by beating a consortium of broadcasting companies, has offered to pay 110 billion won over the past five years.

Its annual average of $22 billion (22 billion KRW) is more than the average annual average of $9.2 million (9.3 billion KRW) that KBOP, a marketing subsidiary of the KBO, received for five years from 2014 to 2018. 

It is the first time that a professional baseball team has confirmed its unique content status with the largest amount of wired and wireless broadcasting rights in the history of professional sports in Korea.

The second is that they took the first step in integrated marketing.

The KBO secretariat and 10 professional teams have chosen a competitive bidding process instead of the practice of veterinary contracts, and the bidding price has risen significantly due to competition between the two consortiums.

Although bids have been made in many projects to settle the clean base ball, this is the first time that public bids have been made in large contracts such as the right to broadcast the wire. 

The essence of integrated marketing lies in maximizing profits. Analysts say that the bid laid the groundwork for the integrated marketing, given that the agreement has raised the profits of the rights to broadcast wired and wireless broadcasting services to them.
KBO President Chung Un-chan, who took office last year, promised to create during his 컴 is a concrete expression of integrated marketing.

Chung and the KBO Secretariat agree that they will follow the example of, which has consolidated its website, ticket reservation and merchandising business, which has greatly increased its profits.

A high-ranking official of the KBO explained, "The contract period of the rights-of-way service provider is set to be 2+3 years, and if is launched within two years, the terms of the contract can be adjusted again."

However, the road to으로 is long and arduous.

Controversy between the 토토솔루션분양 teams over the proposition of integrated marketing, which must be carried out in order to increase profits and create stable sources of revenue, has not been narrowed.

Each club still operates its own reservation and merchandising business. 

It is not easy to 'turn your stomach off' because each team has been expanding its position for a long time without relying on the parent company's support.

In addition, some clubs distrust integrated marketing through, saying that they can earn more through their own marketing.

What is needed most in this situation is for Chung to meet with high-ranking officials of each team to discuss the legitimacy of the launch of, and to reduce differences 

Only when a consensus is formed that a combined company can make more profits, the establishment of컴 will be able to take a leap forward.

It is heard that the KBO will ask outside organizations to conduct consulting this year to analyze the effect of joint ticket booking and merchandising sales of 10 teams.

Last year, the KBO reached a conclusion through consulting, saying, "Bidding method is more helpful to increase imports and realize clean base ball instead of a voluntary contract to select a suitable operator in the selection of wireless broadcasting rights operators."

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