There is only one resource that the free agent market failed to sign in this winter. This is Kim Min-sung (31).

Negotiations with the elemental team, Keum Heroes, are slow to bud As time goes by, the players will be at a disadvantage. Still, another opportunity can be seen for players. It's a love call from another team.

Recently, Kim Min-sung has a team that can show a keen interest. It's the Kia Tigers. Lee Bum-ho, 38, the team's most promising third baseman, dropped out of the spring camp in Okinawa, Japan. Lee, who had been included in the star group with Ahn Chi-hong, Choi Hyung-woo, Kim Sun-bin and Kim Joo-chan before returning to Korea on Tuesday, had never participated in four practice games. Lee Beom-ho was found to have suffered damage to his left hamstring (hubbock back muscle) for two to three weeks at the Chosun University Hospital on Sunday. "We have decided to have a re-examination in two weeks. "However, it will take some time to get back into shape and raise awareness of actual combat even after being informed that it is okay in two weeks."

Kia's Hot Corner has a hole. But Kia is not interested in Kim Min-sung. "We didn`t hear that the club approached Kim Min-sung. The coaching staff has already finished their plans for the new season. "It seems unlikely that Kim Min-sung will be recruited as a Kia player."

One of Kia`s camp`s goals is to find Lee`s potential replacement. Lee, who has only 18 games left to play in 2000 individual games, may help his team win the game, but due to frequent injuries, his defense has been narrowed. Therefore, Lee was immediately developing a third baseman for electric power in preparation for Lee Beom-ho's departure from power.

Candidates for Lee are Choi Won-joon (22), Lee Chang-jin (28), and Ryu Seung-hyun (22) of the group. Choi Won-joon is definitely ahead of the third baseman in the last season. He entered 70 at-bats as a third baseman.

However, Lee has the upper hand when it comes to using defense in camp practice games. He has been designated as the third baseman three times in four practice matches with the Japanese team. Choi Won-joon is on a "multi-man" mission, including middle-middle-class, right-wing, short-fielder and short-stop. He was the first third baseman in a practice match against Yokohama on Sunday.토토분양

In addition, Ryu Seung-hyun is also dreaming of joining the "Hot Corner." Ryu Seung-hyun was designated as the third baseman in a practice game against Junichi on Saturday. Especially before the practice match against Yomiuri on the 20th, he was able to seize a glorious opportunity as a player. Yomiuri Hara Tatsunori was given a special 10 minute batting map. At that time, Ryu said with a smile, "I think I was singled out as a special extra student because I ran into the director." Reporter Kim Jin-hoi

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