The Hanwha Eagles have been at the center of attention this season. With some of the veteran players out of the picture, the competition between young bloods who are trying to hit and climb has been formed. Among them, infielder Song Kwang-min, who stayed with the team through free agent contracts, also welcomed healthy competition for new and old players. He showed confidence that he would show his value as a power.

The Hanwha Spring Camp in Okinawa, Japan, is full of new faces. In particular, the seven rookies are Noh Si-hwan, Byun Woo-hyuk, Yoo Jang-hyuk, Jeong Hwang, Kim Yi-hwan, Kim Hyun-min and Park Yoon-chul. They are also given opportunities at camp practice games and are threatening existing starting players. The same holds true for third baseman positions. Roh, who is considered a possible candidate for the rookie of the year, stands out in offense and defense.

Of course, the mountain that Roh has to overcome is not easy. The mountain is veteran infielder Song Kwang-min, who has been through a lot of mountaineering. Song played in 113 games last year with a batting average of 0.27/ 129 hits/ 18 homers/ 79 RBIs/ 0.328/ slugging percentage of 0.477. Although it was regrettable that he suffered injury until the end of the season, Song Kwang-min is a hitter who can make up his mind if he is healthy.
Song Kwang-min, who met at the camp, was also feeling the atmosphere of competition for position within the fierce team. "When I see the atmosphere of the camp, I feel that I am energetic but focused when I concentrate," Song said. I am satisfied because it seems as if a new and structural system is being achieved. No matter who goes out, competition between new and old with good intentions is welcome. I have to survive on my own. Of course, he is giving advice to his juniors despite the tension. "It feels like the team is working together like a cogwheel," he nodded.

Since the camp includes many newcomers, the camp seems to be paying attention to them. Song Kwang-min also acknowledged the sincerity and ability of his juniors. "Even if you are young, people say that you are really good at baseball," Song said. It is not the same as it used to be. Without a word to say, juniors are training themselves to find out what to do. "I was able to do my best in the real game," he said.

It was outfielder Yoo Jang-hyuk who was new to the spotlight by Song Kwang- "At the beginning of the camp, there was a lot of interest in Noh Si-hwan and Byun Woo-hyuk. I think Yoo Jang Hyuk is as sincere and capable as other friends. I hope you can cheer up and wrap up your camp. "I hope Jang Hyuk can play baseball confidently," he added.

During the off-season, Song was unintentionally at the center of the talk. Song Kwang-min, who earned his first FA license in his life, proudly exercised his rights, but as the contract process became longer, noise came out. Still, Song was dramatically stamped on January 27, just before he left the camp to become the Eagles Man forever. The contract was worth 1.6 billion won (1.6 million dollars) for two years, 800 million won (approximately 800 million dollars) as an option.

"If you think about it coldly, you're signing as much as I've shown you. There's an option, but I think as much money follows as I do. Anyway, since we have concluded the FA contract, we have to repay fans with our skills on the field. As an FA contract player, I feel responsible and I'll do my best to finish." Song Kwang-min's words.

What has plagued Song the most recently is his injury. The most important goal is to play healthy until the end of the season. To this end, Song plans to continue his muscle-building exercises during the season.

We started weight training at the end of November last year. This means that he started a non-season exercise earlier than usual. I recently felt that injuries were frequent. It seems that if you lose your strength, you will lose your strength, and you will get injured. You have to have more power. Even at home in the middle of the season, he wants to do reinforcement exercises early and create a routine to play in the game.”

Last year, Hanwha successfully completed its long-cherished dream of joining the fall baseball league in 11 years. Still, we can't be satisfied with that. He should 토토솔루션 make a stepping stone that will transform him into a truly strong team by advancing to the fall baseball league for the second consecutive year. Song Kwang-min also expressed his strong will to become a force until the last minute of the process.

Fall baseball should continue to advance not only this season but also after next year. If the pitchers were very helpful last year, I would like them to be more helpful this season. Only then can I play in autumn baseball more comfortably than last year. Above all, I will focus on the game so that I won't see anything as unsavory as I did last year. To do so, we should be careful not to get hurt, but also not to get injured."

Song repeatedly emphasized "new and old harmony" and "baseball" until the end. "I will work hard to make sure Hanwha fans give me autumn baseball again this season with good harmony between the new and the ball. Come to the baseball stadium and ask for a lot of support. Our team said, "We'll only repay you with 'base."

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