The LG Twins entered Okinawa International Airport on the 25th. He will start training on the 26th and start his second camp. At the airport on that day, I met new foreign players Casey Kelly and Tommy Joseph, and Tyler Wilson, who will be joining the second year of the season. 토토임대

It seems that the characters of the three players were caught during the Australian camp. Wilson, who has experience in the KBO league and living in Korea, naturally plays the eldest brother. 

Born in 1989, Kelly was the same age as Wilson, and his father was a big league coach, but he seemed determined to adapt to a new environment rather than put himself ahead of him. I've been serious all through the whole time. Born in 1991, Joseph, the youngest, was busy chasing his two brothers. 

Wilson said, "The Australian camp was very satisfactory. The warm weather was good to exercise, and the training was completed safely with the team. I'm really looking forward to this season. 

Kelly and Joseph were following Wilson well when they saw the team moving their luggage. Wilson said, "I still remember how I felt when I first came last year. I wanted to help the players feel comfortable when I thought about it. Kelly and Joseph worked hard with open mind. "I believe it will be better." 

Joseph said, "I met my new coaching staff at the Australian camp, including my colleagues and director Ryu Joong-il. I also met a good colleague named Kelly and Wilson. "It was a great opportunity to experience other countries," he said, looking back and saying, "I won't show you anything in the practice match." "It is important to build up your body in time to prepare for the opening of the season." 

Kelly said, "I'm happy to meet a good colleague. All the players worked hard. I'm looking forward to this season. In Okinawa, there are two games to go. "Our goal is to prepare ourselves for the regular season." 

Coupled with casinos, drunk driving and two short-term mishaps, the LG squad moved through the Naha Airport in heavy air to their lodging. Training starts on the 26th.

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